Libido Enhancers & Supplements Explained

Traditional Herbal Supplements

Grab Me One are launching a new range of Traditional Herbal supplements. Many of these herbal products, such as Libido Max  & Libido Xxtreme will be familiar to you & have proved very popular as Libido enhancers with our customers worldwide over the years.

Libido enhancers explained.

Libido enhancer capsules are specifically designed to promote sexual desire in women by combing a unique blend of natural herbal extracts known to ignite passion and desire. It's popularity with women has more to do with the way it stimulates libido and enhances satisfaction by increasing blood flow to the female sexual organs, creating an intense sexual experience. In addition, the capsules contain a unique formula which can also help with anxiety, low mood, stress and a lack of energy. These positive benefits combine to help users rekindle the romance in their relationships enhancing confidence, strengthening partnerships and increasing motivation and energy levels. 

FDA approved, the unique formula uses high quality organic ingredients and is a safe herbal supplement containing B3 Vitamins, such as Macca root, Muira Puama & Ashwaganda Root–all recognised as igniters of passion and as sexual stimulants in Eastern Asia.

Directions for use.

2 capsules taken daily over a minimum two to three-week period produces the very best results as many of these ingredients are adaptogens, meaning that they help the body to adapt, adjust and recalibrate itself in response to emotional and physical surroundings, reducing stress and increasing energy levels.